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    Boss Babes Team up for Podcast

    Boss Babes Team up for Podcast

    Marina Yusupova recently appeared on Liana Zavo, PR and Media Mogul and CEO of Zavo Media’s podcast. Marina Yusupova is a mother, wife, and co-founder of PIÑAQ Liqueur. She left her trade as a pharmacist because she was tired of the 13 hour long shifts and was looking for an exciting new venture.

    They finally had their lightbulb moment while on vacation in St. Barths sipping a tropical drink out of a carved out pineapple. Marina wanted to create a unique shaped bottle that would make her liqueur standout that was bright, colorful, and fun. 

    It took two and half years to develop the formula, until it was ready for market. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the largest distributor of wine and spirits in the United States, loved the idea and helped put them on the path to success.

    Marina hung up her pharmacist jacket and became a public figure for the brand on TikTok, creating fun content for PIÑAQ Liqueur. Her friends and family say she was “made for this” because of her bubbly, friendly, and creative personality. She feels confidence and the ability to believe in herself helped prepare her for this role. Marina copes with negative reviews by staying positive and using it as constructive criticism to move forward. During challenging moments Marina “takes each obstacle as it comes.” She takes pride in PIÑAQ Liqueur and always adds a personal touch to the brand including commenting on posts and customer reviews.

    Feel free to watch the podcast live here

    Marina and Gabriel successfully work together as co-founders by respecting each other's boundaries and roles. They communicate and help advise each other by listening and having mutual respect.

    PIÑAQ Liqueur has recipes on their website that consumers and fellow boss babes can easily use to make cocktails at home. It has less sugar and carbohydrates than other liqueurs on the market, making it figure-friendly. PIÑAQ Liqueur’s eye-catching bottles also make a great gift or party favor.

    Support a female entrepreneur and pick up a bottle of PIÑAQ Liqueur. Girl Power!