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    Cheers: A Celebration of Authenticity

    Cheers: A Celebration of Authenticity

    Piñaq Liqueur celebrated their favorite Atlanta-based artists with a curated exhibition and tasting event called "Cheers: A Celebration of Authenticity" at Buckhead Art & Company in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, September 2nd, from 6 PM to 9 PM. 


    "Cheers" explores one's idea of vision and interpretation brilliantly witnessed. Heading beyond the clichés and preconceived notions of what art should be. These purposeful revelations through craft and culture illustrate humanity's beating hearts and emotions.


    Featured artists included Natalie Lauren Sims, Chuck Marcus, Shaheed Rucker, ArtMurri, Jay McCay, Shefon Taylor, and sounds by Thrice Groove.


    Natalie Lauren Sims curates a safe space for people to explore and celebrate the fullness of their humanity found in radical being instead of consistent doing through her mixed media storytelling. Chuck Marcus, an Atlanta-based freelance photographer, communicates concepts and ideas through photography and creative direction. Shaheed Rucker's work is centered on visual communication with a focus on photography, conceptual art, and graphic design, using techniques in color theory, typography and page layout, to create a visual composition.

    Amurri Lauren, a photo-based artist, work examines the Black experience, addressing compositions of community pride, art, and poverty. Jay McKay's work signals both joy and hope while exploring subject matters of childhood nostalgia, love and the celebration of culture. Shefon Taylor, an interdisciplinary artist, interrogating themes rememory, interiority, and the exceptional in the Black vernacular.


    The “Pledge" aims to support underserved creatives by providing an expressive platform. The Piñaq Pledge is a creative arts initiative developed to foster equality and inclusion in the art world. We pledge to champion and celebrate underrepresented artists that empower, educate, and enrich communities. We are committed to supporting marginalized artists, cultivating a connection, and creating a sense of belonging in the community. We reciprocate the grace and generosity artists exhibit to the world through our pledge. We see you. We are you. We pledge Together.

    Piñaq Liqueur donated $6,000 in grants to participating artists. This is only the first installment of the Cheers series. Follow Piñaq Liqueur for more upcoming events.