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    Ideal Home Show

    Ideal Home Show

    The Ideal Home Show Christmas, the biggest London retail event, returned for its 12th magical year. This show brought together over 600 companies displaying everything needed to prepare the home for the holiday season. Ideal Home Show Christmas provided holiday inspo and showcased amazing gifts.

    Piñaq Liqueur was the busiest and best stand at the Ideal Home Show. Once people tasted Piñaq they wanted to buy it. Piñaq Passion Fruit completely sold out and Colada was a close second. These pineapple shaped bottles not only are delicious but are decorative too. During Christmas in 19th century a pineapple became a symbol of a generosity, neighborliness, hospitality, and became a popular centerpiece during holiday celebrations. Piñaq bottles can be displayed anywhere or easily upcycled into a vase for home centerpieces. Spread some holiday cheer with Piñaq!