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    Jersey City Whiskey & Spirits Fest

    Jersey City Whiskey & Spirits Fest

    The vibrant city of Jersey City will host the Whiskey & Spirits Fest. Spirits enthusiasts will gather at the Harborside Atrium for an unforgettable celebration of the finest libations. Among the stars of the event will be the iconic Pinaq Liqueur, offering a taste of opulence in every pour.

    The Harborside Atrium will provide a breathtaking backdrop for this spirited affair. The venue's spacious and stylish atmosphere will set the stage for a day and evening of indulgence.

    Jersey City Whiskey & Spirits Fest

    Location: Harborside Atrium 

    210 Hudson Street

    Jersey City, NJ 07302

    Time: Session 1: 1PM – 4:00PM

    Session 2: 6-9:00pm