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    Piñaq Liqueur Pairings at NYCWFF

    Piñaq Liqueur Pairings at NYCWFF

    Piñaq Liqueur poured at the NYCWFF, the largest wine and food festival in NYC. This year over 80 wine and food vendors attended the Trade Tasting and Grand Tasting events. Piñaq Liqueur's colorful pineapple shaped bottles definitely stood out amongst other brands. The bright and beautiful packaging attracted attendees to the booth, but the delicious taste kept them coming back for more. With four unique tastes, there is a flavor for everyone. Even in the rain on Saturday, fans cheered as they took shots and made the most out of the cold and damp weather. Attendees wore ponchos and carried umbrellas as they went booth to booth sampling food and beverages in the rain. 

    On day two of the Grand Tasting, Piñaq Liqueur promoted pairings with other food and beverage vendors at the event. Piñaq Colada paired well with a shot of Jägermeister. Piñaq also encouraged attendees to top off their Ketel One Vodka Espresso Martini with Colada. Piñaq Colada also went great with Death Wish Coffee instead of milk. Colada also paired well with a variety of desserts including Levain Bakery's fall chocolate chip cookies.

    Keyks, a Twinkie-inspired dessert were amazing dunked in Piñaq Colada. In fact, Keyks WorldPiñaq Liqueur, and Taste of Truffles, collaborated for the ultimate dessert pairing by topping off a Keyks Fruity PEBBLES artisanal Twinkie-inspired cake with caviar and fresh shaved truffles from Taste of Truffles then dunked it in Piñaq Colada for the most decadent pairing at the NYCWFF event.

    Denise Dyer, the founder of Solo Scoop Creamery brought over her famous Pear & Lychee sorbet which was amazing topped with Piñaq Rosé. Another great pairing is strawberry and rhubarb culture POP soda and Piñaq Rosé, it makes a sweet fun and fizzy drink!
    Piñaq Blue tastes amazing paired with Rachael Ray's Staple Gin. Definitely try it in the Blue Piñaq & Tonic recipe. Piñaq Blue is also good with tequila, especially Teremana. The Teremana margarita was amazing topped off with Piñaq Blue at the Grand Tasting. Saint James Iced Teas makes a subtly sweet Passion Fruit and Peach Iced Tea that combines perfectly with Piñaq Original's passion fruit flavor.

    America's #1 gummi bear, Haribo's Goldbears, were great topped with Piñaq Blue, Original, or Rosé. Some festival attendees even dunked their gummies in Blue Magic, a combination of Piñaq Blue and Piñaq Colada.

    Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Piñaq handed out pink ribbons at the booth. The entire month of October, 10% of net proceeds from every bottle of Piñaq Rosé will be donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Besides sampling all four flavors, fans of the the brand who signed up for the Piñaq Liqueur mailing list got a chance to spin the prize wheel where they won coupons, keychains, hats, and stickers.

     Rain or shine everyone had a spectacular time at NYCWFF! Piñaq Liqueur had a blast celebrating the 16th anniversary of the NYCWFF and are looking forward to next year. Look for Piñaq Liqueur at SOBEWFF February 22nd-25th.