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    Piñaq Holiday Bash 2021

    Piñaq Holiday Bash 2021

    Piñaq Liqueur celebrated the season and launch on social media with a Holiday Bash at Oligarch. The unique shaped pineapple bottle, which can be flipped to act as a stand, attracted over a million views on TikTok, which is something worth celebrating.

    This Holiday Bash was filled with glitz and glam, Greg Yuna, custom jewelry designer for the stars, was alongside the beautiful Piñaq Liqueur and 3 Kilos Vodka metallic and winter white bottles. TV personality EJ Johnson, known for eye-popping fashion, rapper and actor from Harlem Dave East, comedian couple Chicklet and Maleni, professional BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester, painter Kuldinata Suita, and celebrity photographer Sherif Mokhtar all attended this festive event. Even fashion icon Duckie Confetti, known for his furry slides, was there in his peacock colored fur coat for the Holiday Bash. Confetti even gave Piñaq Liqueur a shoutout to all his followers online. Bartenders prepared specialty cocktails while the DJ spun the hottest hits. Even though PIÑAQ Liqueur is great served over ice, the cocktails of the evening included Cocolicious, Piñaq Colada Mule, Blue Tonic, Piñaq Rose Spritz, gy, and Piñaq Margarita. The GY was the Greg Yuna cocktail made with 3 Kilos Vodka, pomegranate juice, and topped with club soda.

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