Missing your vacation already? How about a tropical vacation on your tastebuds with Piñaq Tropical Liqueurs!

Piñaq tropical fruit liqueurs are exciting and enticing, bringing the sweet flavors of tropical fruits like Passionfruit, Pineapple, and summer berries, infused with Premium Dutch Vodka, French VSOP Cognac, exotic Jamaican Rum or the sweetness a classic Rosé Wine, to give you extraordinary taste experiences that bring to minds summer days, the sun, the sea, and amber skies where the sun sets beyond the horizon.

Made in the Netherlands, Piñaq sources ingredients from around the world to create unique tasting and aromatic liqueurs, using real fruit to enhance the flavors of our tropical liqueurs.

 Piñaq Fruit Liqueurs are meant to be savored sip-by-sip over ice allowing the flavors to embrace your tastebuds, giving you a warming, tropical experience, or as a delicious cocktail that is reminiscent of blissful summer days, such as a Raspberry Mojito, Negroni or a Rosé Bubbles.

 Don’t forget that Piñaq Tropical Liqueurs are the ideal ingredient to go into indulgent and decadent desserts like the Rosé Sorbet or a “berry-some” French Toast. Our liqueurs are meant to be enjoyed any way you please!

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